June 12, 2020 By ali 0

Product rating system

This is subjective rating based on 5 metrics

More is better

Seller =  max 2 points

Quality = max 4 points

Usability = max 4 points

Exterior = max 3 points

Price = max 2 points

Maximum amount = 15 points

Seller. Consultation quality, support, warranty etc.

Quality. Can product be used as described, have flaws, is durable, how it is made, do it breaks etc

Usability. Can required functions be used, if so – how good it is compared to other products.

Exterior. How product looks like.

Price. In comparance with other products. Are discounts and coupons available etc


Quality. usability and exterior can be look like one thing with different names. But we met really ugly things that work better, then branded and more expensive ones. Also product can be really good made, but on practice become unusable because of desing flaws. Also you can get good looking product that works well, but don`t last long


Depending on our experience we can add “strongly recommend”, “recomend”, “do not recommend” and “stay away” comments.