GUB 1166 Carbon saddle


This is the only option found so far of a long and wide saddle.

Also, this saddle is more expensive than average saddle from Ali.

Saddle cracked on the first ride in 3 places.

As we moved it too far back (see photo with marks on rails), we could accept rail detachment and fix this on our side, but saddle also cracked in two other places: rail attachment point on rear side and upper plate.

Rider weight – 90kg. EC90 fake saddle was fine with the same setup and rider.

We were offered either 20$ partial refund, or sending saddle back and getting full refund plus 20$ coupon to compensate shipping cost.

Sad to write it, as the saddle fitted perfectly, and even in broken state we managed to finish the ride.



148mm option


Short rails
cracked on the first ride
No longer available


5\15, can`t be used


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