Monopod-tripod Roreta


The perfect gadget for traveling, tourism, and bikepacking.
Very light, easy to use, and connect to your smartphone.

It has a Bluetooth remote so you can take pictures without anyone’s help.

This is the budget model and you can consider it more expensive for additional options (like vertical orientation for photos and videos).


Very compact and light monopod that can be easily transformed into a tripod.
The perfect gadget for taking pictures without anyone’s help.
Became a travel-pal for us – now we can easily take normal pictures and not only selfies, without asking passers-by for help.
The monopod has a Bluetooth remote, is easily connected to your smartphone.

not stable if stretched out and used as a tripod – watch the wind
you can’t input text in messages while the gadget is connected via Bluetooth

there is no possibility for vertical orientation of photos and videos


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